8-Way Annual Match


8 way annual match

 In January 2018 the St.Edwards Club competitive obedience section put together a team to enter the annual 8-club match between some of the top competitive clubs in the South East.   This year there were 7 clubs competing against each other instead of the usual eight.   Match day is always a lot of fun but all the clubs are very keen to do well and competition is fierce to win the trophy.   All the members of our team did brilliantly, and the match ended up with a tie for first place between Warlingham Club and ourselves.   This meant a run-off had to be done.   So Jenny with Chorus went into the ring aginst one of the Warlingham members to work the run-off at Class A standard.   Jenny and Chorus won the run-off and this meant that St.Edwards won the match!    Congratulations to Russ with Flash, Kerry with Eva, Derek with Ozzie and Alison with Izzy, as well as Jenny with Chorus and Flint.


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