Our Competitive Obedience training sessions are open to anyone interested in taking this up as a sport/hobby, or who wants to train their dog to a higher level and perhaps try out a few shows.   


From 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm we have our Beginners and Novice level of Obedience training which is suitable for anyone starting out in Obedience.  Then from 8.30 pm onwards, the more experienced dogs and handlers have their training session.  All standards are instructed by Judy, Alison and Jenny, and several of the more experienced obedience people within the club are on hand to help and instruct those wanting to learn more and to progress up the competitive obedience ladder.

A good level of support is offered by all members of the Wednesday night section to new members just starting out competing at the shows.

 Our training venue for Wednesday nights is St.Mary's Church Hall, Worlds End Lane, Green Street Green.



Pet Obedience Training

Judy Weight

Tel : 01689 875597

Competitive Obedience Training

 Jenny Harknett

Tel: 01959 509177

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