Classes begin on Tuesday nights at 6.30 pm with the Puppy/Newcomers Course - based on the Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course outlines - and instructed by Alison Shaw and Judy Weight .    

At 7.45 - 8.45 pm, we have the Improvers Course (runs every 8 weeks), which is instructed by Jenny Harknett and Judy Weight.  This is open to all dogs who have graduated from our Puppy Course, as well as anyone who wishes to come to training classes with a young dog, or a re-homed or rescued dog that they have recently taken on.   There is a range of abilities in this class, and the exercises within the sessions are adapted to suit all breeds and ages of dogs.   There are basic obedience exercises, such as Recalls and Walking on Lead, plus lots of other body awareness exercises and fun tricks to learn.   This course is a good basis for anyone who wants their dog to go into any of the dog sports, such as Obedience or Agility or Rally.  The classes are also open to handlers with disabilities and the hall is easily accessible to wheelchair users.




Instructed by Alison Shaw and Judy Weight, this course follows a similar format to that of the Puppy Foundation Course as set down by the Kennel Club, and covers socialisation of puppies as well as basic training techniques and exercises, control and behaviour problems, and general day-to-day living with your dog. 

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Instructed by Jenny Harknett (KCAI - Kennel Club Accredited Instructor in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour) and Judy Weight - this class is currently suspended due to the non-availability of the Crofton Hall


This course carries on from the Newcomers Course, covering all the basic training exercises you will need to do with your pet dog, including sit and down, come when called, walking on the lead, stay exercises, basic retrieve and many other elements of behaviour-related training to help your dog to grow into a well-mannered and socially well-adjusted family pet.   The sessions also include some fun exercises to assist your young dog with body awareness skills and to build confidence in new experiences, such as step-throughs, tunnels, spins and party tricks!

Contact Jenny Harknett, KCAI, on 01959 509177 for further details. This course is offered to those who have done the Newcomers/Puppy course with us, as well as people who have just taken on a rescue or re-homed dog, or who feel their adolescent dog needs a refresher course in training and good manners.

Pet Obedience Training

Judy Weight

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Competitive Obedience Training

 Jenny Harknett

Tel: 01959 509177

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