Instructed by Alison Shaw and Judy Weight, this course follows a similar format to that of the Puppy Foundation Course as set down by the Kennel Club, and covers socialisation of puppies as well as basic training techniques and exercises, control and behaviour problems, and general day-to-day living with your dog. 

8 Week Puppy Course Instructor AlisonOur aim is to help and encourage all owners of new puppies to understand how dogs learn, and to acquire the right techniques to teach their young dogs not only how to behave in an acceptable way for their owners, but also how to really enjoy training and being with their human family and to have fun learning new skills.

Pictured is Alison Shaw with her collie Izzy.  Alison is one of the instructors on our Puppy and Newcomers Course.   Alison and Izzy compete regularly at obedience shows, and Alison has been very successful in the past competing in Agility too.

Contact Judy Weight on 01689 875597 for further details, or to register for a course.

Pet Obedience Training

Judy Weight

Tel : 01689 875597

Competitive Obedience Training

 Jenny Harknett

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